New productline offered by vanRijsingen: Ginger

Having a strong background in vegetables and vegetable ingredient processing, vanRijsingen is able to offer quality products which fit the current health trends and market demand. At the very beginning we started producing carrot juice, but nowadays we have a strong and growing portfolio of vegetable juices from our own farming programs.

With current growing demand for more healthy and well being products we are fully committed to offer the best products to our customers. vanRijsingeningredients selected the best ginger raw materials to produce high quality juice and juice concentrate allowing our customers to create super tasty and healthy food products.




Our ginger portfolio is available as conventional as well as organic like:

  • Cold pressed
  • NFC
  • Concentrate

We can offer our ginger products in a variety of packaging like:

  • Aseptic drum
  • Aseptic bag in box
  • Tankload


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