About vanRijsingeningredients

Who are we

vanRijsingeningredients supplies vegetable juices & juice concentrates to the global food & beverage market. Located in Helmond, the Netherlands - in the heart of a vast vegetable growing area - we process fresh vegetables to delicious and nutritional vegetable juices on a daily basis. We make part of the vanRijsingengreen group, a family business who originates from the 1950’s. The company started with the cultivation & harvesting of field vegetables and nowadays the majority of the vegetables that are juiced are still cultivated within our group.

Since 2008 vanRijsingeningredients started to make direct juices from vegetables. Nowadays we offer direct (NFC) juices, cold pressed juices and juice concentrates.

Sustainability and the use of everything from the vegetable have always been key to our business. As a result we also process the pomace of the juice production into a valuable food ingredient: a dried vegetable fibre with a.o. a high water binding capacity. For more information about this ingredient and its functionalities go to contact us.

Core values and qualities

vanRijsingeningredients has the same core values as the rest of the vanRijsingengreen group:

  • Long-term, loyal business relationships with all stakeholders
  • Expert and ultra-curious about vegetables
  • Transparent
  • No waste

However, vanRijsingeningredients has its own specific core qualities too.
Customers opt for us because of our superior knowledge of vegetable juices and fibres. We make the products that our customers want and continually develop new uses too.

The core qualities that characterise vanRijsingeningredients:

  • Innovation and innovative capacity
  • Circularity
  • No waste
  • An in-depth knowledge of vegetables