About vanRijsingeningredients

What we stand for

Maximising the value of vegetables

vanRijsingeningredients utilises the many possibilities that vegetables have to offer. We use our in-depth knowledge to create challenging new uses for them. We maximise the value of vegetables and vegetable waste created by the production processes of other vanRijsingengreen divisions. For example, we use the carrots that vanRijsingencarrotconcepts doesn’t use and the vegetable waste generated by the vanRijsingenfreshservice cutting factory.

Fresh vegetable juices

All of the juices we produce for the fresh market are made from natural raw materials, because of which they look and taste great. vanRijsingeningredients uses fresh vegetable streams to produce outstandingly fresh vegetable juices (NFC) on a daily basis. Every day, all year long and freshly pressed on demand. We also supply a wide range of vegetable purées and fibres. We want to appreciate the value of the vegetables that Mother Nature provides us with and use them to the full.

Juices and fibres

The vegetable-juice production process involves pressing vegetable streams through a press. This creates a product that is usually regarded as waste: fibres. We make sure that they are put to good use. Because we don't heat fibre streams excessively, none of the valuable natural nutrients and colourings found in vegetables are lost.

Our carrot fibre can be used to bind water or to enrich soups, sauces, bread, pasta, meat and vegetarian snack products. vanRijsingeningredients carrot fibres are available fresh, dried or deep-frozen. 

Our qualities:
unique cultivation and chain management

Core values and qualities

vanRijsingeningredients has the same core values as the rest of the vanRijsingengreen group:

  • Long-term, loyal business relationships with all stakeholders
  • Expert and ultra-curious about vegetables
  • Transparent
  • No waste

However, vanRijsingeningredients has its own specific core qualities too.
Customers opt for us because of our superior knowledge of vegetable juices and fibres. We make the products that our customers want and continually develop new uses too.

The core qualities that characterise vanRijsingeningredients:

  • Innovation and innovative capacity
  • Circularity
  • No waste
  • An in-depth knowledge of vegetables